"My Second Playlist" by Eric Williger

Full Release


Beat Happening - Youth
Julie Doiron - Oh, Heavy Snow
The Crabs - February 15th
Sarah Dougher - Hold the Bar
The Bartlebees - Willst Du mit mir Gehen?
The Curious Mystery - Cock of the Rock
LAKE - You Are Alone
Tara Jane ONeil - Sirena
Kicking Giant - She's Real (Version)
Selector Dub Narcotic - Zen Kids Version

Eric says: "This playlist is titled very factually, because I don't have a theme in mind.  I love all of these songs very much, and my life would be a significantly darker thing to inhabit had I never been introduced to them.  I can't give insights about all of them--music is instinctual that way, I s'pose--but I will tell you what I know: 'Hold the Bar' by Sarah Dougher is leading the race in the contest for Best Song of All-Time; in the world that I would rather occupy, Tara Jane ONeil is a superstar who plays the half-time show at the Superbowl (which no longer involves football, but is instead just a prime-time re-broadcast of the Puppy Bowl) every year, and 'Sirena' is the hit of the century and has become the #1 most requested (and thus most played) song on every pop station in the world; City Center, the pair of composers behind 'Zen Kids,' are some of the most wonderful & talented human beings on the planet, who once stayed at my mom's house in St. Louis, MO after having eaten late-nite tacos while they were on tour, and I chose the Selector Dub Narcotic "version" of the song because I become immediately endeared to recordings that sound warped & hissy and I don't care who knows it (note: Fred Thomas, one of the two peeps behind City Center, has a new record called Kuma in our distro and it is amazing); the Bartlebees were introduced to me when I was in high school by my friend Bryn who used to/still does play the music video for 'She Likes Monsters' on repeat all day long, and I am wont to join him in that endeavor from time to time."