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Midnight Opry Zip Pak #2

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The April 27 storms ravaged the southern states, particularly the areas in central Tennessee and northern Alabama where the Pine Hill Haints live and work. Writes Jamie Barrier of the Haints earlier this month, “The tornados crushed north Alabama...we went down with a crew of folks from our area, who live on the hill with us, and tried to clean up the broken pieces. It is mass devastation. Every graveyard we passed had at least three funerals going simultaneously, and as soon as they finished with covering the coffin, the next three funerals would take place, a strange day with overcrowding sadness. We are printing a fund raising shirt for relief workers (mainly the Red Cross) at Black Owl Trading Company [the Pine Hill Haint’s silkscreen studio and rehearsal space]. Around midnight, Daniel Crisler (my friend and fellow Muscle Shoals SOund of DOom brother), along with John Lucious (of the Pine Hill Haints) came to the back door of the Black Owl Trading Co. and we cut a few was produced by Paige Hampton, the "Frost Queen," an excellent drummer in her own right, still one of the only girls I know setting up mics.” Selections from the new Pine Hill Haints album Welcome to the Midnight Opry [KLP236] are included this week in The Singles Zip-Pak:

1. You Were Born to Suffer
2. The Low

This edition of the Singles Zip-Pak features Special Apps, recordings that do not appear on the Welcome to the Midnight Opry phonograph record, available only here at the K Mail Order Dept.

3. Black Smoke’s Rising

“This tune is a traditional, done a million times by a million other kids, but when I learned it I swear I did not know this. It was taught to me by John Lloyd Balentine of White Hollow, Al. (outside of Waterloo) at the fox pen one night, literally, with hound dogs crying in the woods behind us. 'Black Smoke's Rising' is rather hard and severe and proper for the times we're in, a tornado storm type of tune.” This song features Jamie Barrier, guitar; John Lucious, accordion, produced by Paige Hampton.

4. Total Zero
5. The Nail that Rises up Will Be Hammered Down

These are both written by Jamie, again recorded in downtown Florence, Al. with the same line up,Jamie Barrier, guitar; John Lucious, accordion, except “The Nail that Rises Up Will Be Hammered Down” features Daniel Crisler on guitar withJamie moving over to fiddle.

Donations for Alabama tornado relief can be made to United Way of West AlabamaWest Alabama Food Bank and the Governor’s Tornado Relief Fund.

Welcome to the Midnight Opry [KLP236] by The Pine Hill Haints became available October 4, 2011.