Make Me!

It Only Hurts The First Time CD

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"Make Me! are a US based band born out of Oakland. Their debut album ムIt Only Hurts The First Timeメ instantly charmed us with itメs lofi sensibilities and lyrical genius. The four piece originally came about when keyboard and bass player/front woman Claire & Zola respectively decided to take the band over ground with additional members Wes and Jeremy on drums and guitar. The resulting fusion of Fall-esque musicianship and Pavement style fun caught the imagination of every person they played to. Their album is a nine track blast through lofi indie rock, Indie pop and has an instant and loveable quality about it."

"We have much to say about one of our new favorite radio stars, Make Me! The four Bay Area mates are: Claire Haynie (keyboards/vocals), former Boyskout member Zola Goodrich (bass/vocals), Jeremy Sullivan (guitar), Wes Chase (drums). They make us happy! Riot Grrrl meets sugary French Pop." - Mary Ann Naylor-Church of Girl Radio