Gift To Man CD

Sold Out

The 19th Mac Dawg album comes out of inspiration of the Grocery Outlet on the westside of oly. It's like Cheers and my bro is Woody and I''m Fraiser. This double album contains songs about gettin 86d from the Tacoma Dome, my car breaking down on the new roundabouts, Camp X-Ray, Dick Cheney, Rainbow Man, Brittany Spears and my romance, and much more. Contains 31 songs and is over 2 hours long. If you want a documentary of daily life in Olympia, this album is it. The albums are handmade by the artist and features Pizza T, Larstafari, Jeremy, Tracy, Matt, and Scream Club. To hear songs for free, check out www.myspace/macdawg and download 4 songs for free.