Lost Tapes & Found Sounds: 2006-2012 [KDR004]

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Songs are like friends; you're surrounded by them all the time, but you only really grab on to a trusted few. Things change, we change, we move on; but sometimes a song will stick around, lost in your head, lodged in your heart, and even if you don't hear it for years, that song stays with you somehow. If you were to bump into each other things would be just like old times — dancing on the table together, driving through the desert, knowing that not even destiny could pull
you apart.
K hip-hop artist Eprhyme's third solo album Lost Tapes and Founds Sounds: 2006-2012 (KDR004) is composed of such songs: songs meant to become friends – lovers, even. This is an audio scrapbook filled with pics from the past, chicken-scratched notes from class, love poems to the present, and kaleidoscopic visions of the future.

Always exploring the connections between personal spirituality and conscientious hip-hop, the first half of Lost Tapes listen like the best kind of blind dates. "Death of the Cool" and "Leave it to Bieber" feature some post-pop hangover remedies, a little hand holding under the table at your local diner. The first date conversations in "Me vs Media" present the courageously naive attempt at a balanced perspective on Israel and the middle east.
The album also reintroduces tracks that are known and familiar, friends with benets, or the kind of family you get to choose for yourself. These songs have been through a lot, maybe went to rehab, got hitched, or found g-d, but they're all the better for it and have found a new lease on life. The previously unreleased "Bohemian Rap-City" offers an impressionist sketch of creative life in the Pacic Northwest, and Pickster One's fresh psychedelic trap remix of "Life Sentence" bumps up Eprhyme's classic cadence and flow.
By offering a time-lapse view into his life and creative process, Eprhyme gives you the opportunity to know him intimately and explore his music as it has grown and evolved. The rhymes on this album are mature and comfortable, while still riding that mystery third rail between rap and poetry. Lost Tapes and Found Sounds features classic production by long-time collaborator Smoke of Oldominion, and an eclectic arsenal of heat from homies Foundation, Pickster One, Diwon, and Polymath dj/designer Sunday Grip.
So go ahead, give it a listen, and meet an old friend again for the very first time.

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