L'Orchid e d'Hawai

Nobody Beats Me CD

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"L'Orchidee d'Hawai is a three year old band. The music we make is in constant evolution, always looking for new sounds in different musical cultures. We've been inspired by klezmer, japanese, mexican, polish, italian, greek and many more musical styles. Yet we they still manage to create our own sound with all these influences.

Our second album, "Nobody Beats Me", is much more personal than "Gold". Three tracks are covers (old italian folklore and klezmer music) and the rest are original compositions in a strange exotic surf and roll style.

Mostly songs, sung in Polish, Italian, Spanish and English, but also some instrumental tracks.

It's genuine world music, without the crappy synthetisers !!!!

We've just finished a one month tour in the US, opening for Kimya Dawson, and will probably be back there in fall, after touring Poland and Germany.

Take care, long live Music !!!!!"