The Long Ride Home CD

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Chris "Sandman" Sand is a brilliant songwriter and sexy performer who plays with numerous personae as he drives his rig between North Dakota and Washington State, veering musically between Montana, Nashville and early Sugar Hill. The Long Ride Home follows surreal lusts on an alternative path through this country. -

1. Radio Works Fine
2. Modern Man
3. Belmopan is Belmopan
4. I Got My E-mail Cut Off
5. Hit the Road
6. Ol' King Kong
7. Go Easy On Me, Boss (My Heart is Breakin')
8. Goner
9. Christ-bearer's Blues
10. The Cowboy's Life is a Very Dreary Life
11. Gorilla
12. Nothin' to Say
13. Hammer & Screw
14. Imaginary World
15. Folk Legend (MLK)