"A Fan's Notes" by Danielle Ruse

Full Release


Tara Jane ONeil - In Tall Grass
Desolation Wilderness - Come Over In Your Silver Car
Karl Blau - Dark Sedan
Kendl Winter - Faded
Tender Trap - You & Me
Calvin Johnson & Mirah - Ode to St. Valentine
Chain & The Gang - Surprise Party
Angelo Spencer et les Hauts Sommets - Tanger, Tanger
Tara Jane ONeil - Rainbow Connection
[Mail Order Maven Joel has asked members of the K staff to create Staff Playlists for the K Mail Order Dept. Here is a list of recordings 
selected by K Promotions Director Danielle Ruse. Her K Staff Playlist is available as individual digital downloadables or as a full album download.] 
Look closely and you'll notice that both Joel and I share a song on our playlist, "Dark Sedan" by Karl Blau.  Forgive the redundancy, but I was unwilling to give up this song simply for the sake of having something different---I just love it too much. Plus I FINALLY got to see Karl play this past weekend at  Northern, and his incredible performance and sincerity stole my heart, so I've been listening to this record on repeat.   That's what its like to work at K--you get to know the bands and take home their records, and as you flip them over and over again their words become a part of your personal narrative, a soundtrack for your own life.  And if I'd had it my way I would have also included "Gentle Reminder" from another of Karl's bands I can't stop listening to, Lovers Without Borders, but since that 7" hasn't come out yet it'll have to wait for next time.
So yes, "A Fan's Notes," that's the title of my playlist.  I've spent weeks with each of these songs this past year, whether because I worked on the artist's one sheet or sent out promos for their tour, or because I shuffled up to some cold basement show on a moonless night to see them play.  Each of these songs has been a part of my first year working at K, and are now a part of my inside-jokes, my late night reading sessions and my own dreams realized.  We work hard for them, our artists, and they in turn give right back to us.  That's the best part---that's what its all about.