Jeremy Jay

"Love Everlasting" [KLP202]

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Love Everlasting
Lite Beam
Jet Stream
Love Everlasting (Winter Version)

 It was winter outside and something was happening in the storybook world of Jeremy Jay’s psyche. While working on his full-length Slow Dance [KLP197] , there was an icicle-caked excitement that resulted in a snow-flurry of extra recordings. The cozy, insulated vibe of Olympia, Washington and Dub Narcotic Studio took hold and Jeremy, along with Ilya Malinksy (guitar), Nick Pahl (drums) and Derek James (bass) crafted “Love Everlasting” [KLP202] a separate 12” single.

The extra songs, recorded with a fiery compulsion, were written in Jeremy’s Los Angeles apartment and expanded in studio. The song “Lite Beam” took shape with a solarized hi-hat and synth bass – a real disco dance cut; “Jet Stream,” has that special synth bass that propels it to a dance floor climax, and the single itself, “Love Everlasting”, twinkles magnificently with a sensual glide.