Kimya Dawson

Remember That I Love You (KLP175)

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Tire Swing
My Mom
Loose Lips
Caving In
Better Weather
I Like Giants
The Competion
I Miss You
My Rollercoaster
Following up her critically acclaimed album Hidden Vagenda [KLP165] with an album that continues her mission to reach out to those with their ears to the ground looking for answers, Kimya Dawson will release Remember That I Love You, May 9th on K Records. Remember That I Love You is the latest chapter, and represents not only Kimya’s continued personal adaptation to the tumultuous world around her, but also the growing relationship between the fans and friends she needs just as much as they need her.

The twelve-song CD by The Moldy Peaches co-founder was recorded on the home computers of friends of hers in Portland, OR and New York City. This album aims to show others they should love their bodies whatever shape or form they might come in. It gives hope to those who keep on fighting for their beliefs even when it seems as if nobody is listening. It is a big thank you to people full of kindness and optimism, and a plea to keep hanging on to those who have all but given up.

Along with Rolling Stone, Spin, Magnet and many others, Dawson has been called “compelling” by Pitchfork while Under The Radar said, “It’s not what Kimya says, but how she says it. She’s got a knack for playing with words. In the end you want to laugh and cry and probably hug someone. Kimya delivers deeply personal, uncompromising songwriting tucked into intelligent and clever lyrics.”

Using humor and sorrow as a personal healing device, Kimya Dawson continues to expose the subtle and sometimes serious pains we all face, in order to temper them with understanding and laughter. In the process she has emerged as a seriously talented wordsmith.

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