Kimya Dawson

Hidden Vagenda (KLP165)

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It's Been Raining
Viva La Persistence
Lullaby for the Taken
I Will Never Forget
Singing Machine
Moving On
Blue Like Nevermind
My Heroes
5 Years
Anthrax (powerballad version)
You Love Me
Angels and Seagulls
The problem with almost every contemporary female vocalist is that they're always pretending to be something that they're not. Sometimes it's a highly feminine sophisticated sexual, love-lost artist's with their heart on their sleeves. Always pretending that they actually feel something or maybe sing about a great love they never had. The Moldy Peaches co-founder, and goddaughter of Antifolk, Kimya Dawson, succeeds by simply being true to herself. There is no empty space between her visions. There is no filler in her songs. Kimya succeeds by being tender and vulnerable, silly and raw. She shows you what she feels and makes you want to feel it too. She shows you what she loves and makes you love it. She is the quintessential bohemian artist. She is what almost every smoky nightclub jazz chanteuse wishes she could be --authentic. Kimya is the artist-poet skateboard girl. And, most importantly, she is a very delicate human sensing device. She is the only real human on a planet full of androids. What makes her and her music so unique and amazing is her undiluted humanity, comparable only with Richard Pryor in the way she uses humor and sorrow combined as a personal healing device.

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