Passages Through (KLP146)

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Passages Through, Landing's first release on K , is a rebirth of sorts, the sound of four good friends playing music that comes from the heart. Sometimes, the music sprawls out like vast oceans. At other times, the songs are clean and filled with heartfelt sentiment. Never before have Adrienne and Aaron dared to be heard so clearly, but the result is well worth the risk. The songs are clear and the tryyps are deep. On previous albums, Landing has offered up everything from clean intertwining guitars to long curtains of unimpeded sound sculpture. Each release has had its own feel, usually focusing on one side of the band's abilities or the other. Passages Through, Landing's fourth full length album, is an attempt to incorporate all sides into a flowing tapestry of songs. This release marks the fullness of Landing as friends and collaborators. Songs were written collaboratively and recorded live to tape with few overdubs, each band member adding his or her own distinct touch. Instruments were traded around and all thoughts were geared to the music, regardless of genre or classification. This is Landing in 3D.

Track Listing
Wings of Light
Hold Me Under
Close Your Eyes Slowly
Wrapped Up In Flight
To See You
It is Shining
Tell Myself

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