[[[[VVRSSNN]]]] (KLP145)

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This record is called [[[[VVRSSNN]]]] and you pronounce it like "version". Like the b-side dub remix on a reggae 45; like a version of something that happened before; an improvement, a change, a re-vision, an edit. Adam Forkner, aka [[[[VVRSSNN]]]], is a founding member of the bands Yume Bitsu and Surface of Eceon. He's also known for recording and engineering all sorts of bands at K Records' Dub Narcotic Studio, including, among others, Calvin Johnson, Little Wings, Wolf Colonel, Greg Weeks, and Kinski. [[[[VVRSSNN]]]] makes music on his computer, by himself and with his friends. Its like: guitars, sequencers, BEATS, glitches, singing. Lots of singing: songs, weird vocal loops, yeah, there's some voice on this record. It's a little dark at times, but you won't get too scared. It's 21st century feel good all over music. Autumnal in all the right ways. Curl up on a couch. Drive around at dusk in the rain. Go to a dance party and feel alienated. The [[[[VVRSSNN]]]] CD/LP is for these times.

Track Listing
Come Out To Show Dem
Bruise Blood
I want to Warm You (I need to Warn You)
Come Out
Invisible Wavez
Surface III
Guilded Golden Ladies
Blanketz Made of Snow
Shield of Invisibility
Whispers in the Waiting