[[[[VVRSSNN]]]] (KLP145)

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Come Out To Show Dem
Bruise Blood
I want to Warm You (I need to Warn You)
Come Out
Invisible Wavez
Surface III
Guilded Golden Ladies
Blanketz Made of Snow
Shield of Invisibility
Whispers in the Waiting
This record is called [[[[VVRSSNN]]]] and you pronounce it like "version". Like the b-side dub remix on a reggae 45; like a version of something that happened before; an improvement, a change, a re-vision, an edit. Adam Forkner, aka [[[[VVRSSNN]]]], is a founding member of the bands Yume Bitsu and Surface of Eceon. He's also known for recording and engineering all sorts of bands at K Records' Dub Narcotic Studio, including, among others, Calvin Johnson, Little Wings, Wolf Colonel, Greg Weeks, and Kinski. [[[[VVRSSNN]]]] makes music on his computer, by himself and with his friends. Its like: guitars, sequencers, BEATS, glitches, singing. Lots of singing: songs, weird vocal loops, yeah, there's some voice on this record. It's a little dark at times, but you won't get too scared. It's 21st century feel good all over music. Autumnal in all the right ways. Curl up on a couch. Drive around at dusk in the rain. Go to a dance party and feel alienated. The [[[[VVRSSNN]]]] CD/LP is for these times.