Heavenly Vs. Satan (KLP129)

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The first Heavenly album, long out of print and never before available in the U.S. Can you believe that such a seminal piece of Pop History has not previously graced our shores? Heavenly vs. Satan represents the crucial passing of the torch from Amelia & Co.'s previous incarnation as the crashpop-centric Talulah Gosh to the more jangle-maned Heavenly. A true pop classic, this sounds every bit as fresh and visionary as it did when recorded in 1990. Included on this version of Heavenly vs. Satan are six additional songs that were previously available only on long out-of-print 45s. Fourteen songs in all. Heavenly formed in 1990 out of the ashes of Talulah Gosh. Consisting of Amelia Fletcher, voice and guitar, Peter Momtchiloff, guitar, Matthew Fletcher, drums, Rob Pursey, bass; Cathy Rogers joined on voice and keyboards after Heavenly vs. Satan was recorded, but appears on some of the extra songs included on this version of the album. Heavenly released four albums and several singles and EPs. In 1998, the majority of the members of Heavenly recombined as Marine Research. Amelia and Rob later formed Tender Trap.

Track Listing
Cool Guitar Boy
Boyfriend Stays the Same
Lemonhead Boy
Wish Me Gone
Don't Be Fooled
It's You
Stop Before You Say It
I Fell In Love Last Night
Over and Over
Our Love is Heavenly
Wrap My Arms Around Him
She Says
Escort Crash On Marston Street

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