Talulah Gosh

Backwash (KLP044)

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Beatnik Boy $0.69
My Best Friend $0.69
Steaming Train $0.69
Just a Dream $0.69
Talulah Gosh $0.69
Don't Go Away $0.69
Escalator Over the Hill $0.69
My Boy Says $0.69
Way of the World $0.69
Testcard Girl $0.69
Bringing Up Baby $0.69
I Can't Get No Satisfaction (Thank God) $0.69
The Girl With the Strawberry Hair $0.69
Talulah Gosh (radio session version) $0.69
Do You Remember? $0.69
Looking for a Rainbow $0.69
Sunny Inside $0.69
My World's Ending $0.69
Be Your Baby $0.69
Break Your Face $0.69
In Love For the Very First Time $0.69
I Told You So $0.69
Pastels Badge $0.69
Rubber Ball $0.69
Spearmint Head $0.69

A crash course in Crashpop. This is a compilation of all known Talulah Gosh songs, including all of their 53rd and 3rd Records releases, two BBC Sessions and then some. Talulah Gosh existed in 1986-88. Perhaps the only band from England that mattered in the '80s. They are the originators of the pop/punk implosion. Amelia Fletcher, Matthew Fletcher and Pete Momtchiloff took what they learned in Talulah Gosh and formed Heavenly (which begat Marine Research; 3/5 fifths of Marine Research formed Tender Trap). The rest of the world are still learning from Talulah Gosh. Backwash is your refresher course.