Kimya Dawson

Kimya Dawson and Matty Pop Chart (IPU107)

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My Mom
Child of the Sea
Thailand Song
On her debut effort for the International Pop Underground series, Kimya Dawson releases a split ep with friend and touring companion Matty Pop Chart, aka Matt Tobey. Kimya previously released the critically acclaimed Hidden Vagenda (KLP165) on K in 2003. “My Mom” and “Underground” appear on her record Remember That I Love You (KLP175). On his first ever K appearance, Matty Pop Chart delivers “Child of the Sea” and “Thailand Song”. These new songs where recorded by Jake  Kelly at Jake’s house in June of 2005 while Kimya and Matty were on tour. Kimya and Matty playedmost of the instruments but friends Scott Yoder and Jake Kelly joined in. Kimya continues to do what she does best: dealing with the harsh realities of life by writing humorous and darkly lyrical songs. On this 7” the part of life she explores is actually death. In "My Mom" Kimya pleads with the world, "I will lose my shit if even one more person I know dies," while "Underground" has her contemplating her own death. Matty Popchart combines unconventional instruments such as the accordian and a bike horn with his unnuasually whymsical voice to create – you guessed it – weird and wonderful pop songs! And good ones at that! “Child of the Sea” is full of imagery of sheep, geese and sci-fi while saying to us ‘be true to yourself and be proud of it!’. “Thailand Song” challenges you to examine the things around you.
Kimya Dawson straddles the line between precious and profound”
- Rob O’Connor, Rolling Stone