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What Wonder (IPU106)

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What Wonder
Hanta Yo!

This double 7” ep is a bridge between the Little Wings’ Wonder trilogy of albums (The Wonder City, Discover Worlds of Wonder (KLP154) and Wonderue (KLP134)) and the Light Green Leaves (KLP139), (the “Tree” Trilogy) album. Upon Kyle Field’s (Kyle is the main creative force behind Little Wings) finishing the “Wonder Trilogy”, his friend and collaborator Phil Elvrum (of the Microphones) posed the question “What Wonder?” in his book by the same name. This was indeed a bold question. “What Wonder” is an attempt to volley a joyful and inclusive response to his query. Side A features the title song on which he melded the Little Wings song “Filled with Wonder” and Phil’s song “Lantern” and made ‘What Wonder” It is a version of the same song that appears on the CD version of Little WingsLight Green Leaves. Side B sounds like one song in a sense but there are actually two. “Joy!” and “Hanta Yo!” were originally sang into Kyle’s tape recorder while traveling south in a motor home. The driver’s name was Guy Joy. Says Kyle, “I do believe that his name was the point of departure or the place of inspiration. ‘Hanta Yo!’ is a term that his wife, Cyndi, uses when they are ready to go. It means ‘forward’ and is believed to have been used by Native Americans.

The other songs on “What Wonder?” are also a response to Phil’s disbelief in Wonder. They feature developmentally disabled artists that Kyle met while on tour in Grass Valley, Ca. Side C is a song by Barbie Wilkins. Her song “Uh-Oh” was originally witnessed live by myself and the two other Birdnest Brothers on our tour of California in February, 2002. The idea of Little Wings has always been an all-inclusive one and in this sense, Barbie was kind enough to join the group on this recording. Side D features an instrumental song by another developmentally disabled artist named Nancy Mullen. When Little Wings played at the Nevada City Center for the Arts that afternoon, Kyle taped some of the show and was lucky enough to have his tape recorder running when Nancy played. He titled the song “Goodbye” as it was played just prior to the bus coming to pick up our new friends. Says Kyle, “The experience we had that day was unforgettable and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to commemorate. They were truly Wonder-full people”.

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