Make Up

U R My Intended (IPU086)

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This is the international pop underground Vol. LXXXVI.

The digital version of this single is available on Bandcamp.

"Pictured right, Cold Rice, Revisited! Broadcast your savvy, in ultra-high frequency prints! Pineapples for a DJ, far left, grown in rows on a snip-of-jersey; its skirt-let sees red in a fiery snap of gabardine to do with molotov pamphlet, pronounce ruthlessly on air!) Four-footed friends go on record next, the new MAKE-UP record that is: 'U R MY INTENDED' b/w 'THE CHOICE' (Natch) on K Records from Olympia. The sunny mate kicks a pleat while the girls tap their feet."

Track listing:

  1. U R My Intended
  2. The Choice

Produced by Brendan Canty at Pirate Studio in Washington, D.C.

© 1998 The Rock N' Roll Comintern