She Says (IPU025)

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7" $4.00 Sold Out


Escort Crash on Marston Street

A tasty bite of the Heavenly way of doing, this single was recorded between their debut album Le Jardin de Heavenly [KLP013] and their second, Heavenly v. Satan [KLP129]. It is Volume XXV in our International Pop Underground series of 7" 45 rpm phonograph records.

"Heavenly plays like a pop fan's wish for what might result from scrambling genres, the singer/songwriter preoccupation with relationships, punk's linking of personal and public politics, and pop's undimmed promise of romance. When they're really cooking, Heavenly simultaneously suggest the Slits, Abba and Joni Mitchell. They're not about to opt for just one thing, anymore than the girl in "Trophy Girlfriend", of whom we're told "She's kissing boys/ and girls/ Trying to decide which she prefers." - Boston Phoenix

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