Happy Happy Birthday to Me Volume 2 CD

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They Broke The Speed Of Light-Late B.P. Helium, The Peter Pine & The Make-Believe Band-Princeton Reverbs Colonial  Actin' Funny- Gwens On Tour With Audiosound- Boys' Star Library Your Guitars- Ross Beach Breach Of State- Calvin Don't Jump American Evenings- Seasick Crocodile She'll Bring You Down- Unbunny Angel Wings Will Carry Me- Scott Spillane No Sudden Movements- Boyish Charms Lipsmacker Kiss- All Girl Summer Fun Band Kay's Car- Breezy Porticos The Day I Became My Lawn- Red Pony Clock In The Sun- Golden Synthetic Songbook Up On The Roof- Dear Nora Learn How To Sleep- Hurricane Lamps Hapworth July 16, 1994- Plastic Mastery Broken Arms- Fablefactory 18's Out- Wee Turtles Mrs. Walker's Ice Cream- Echo Orbiter These Days- Galactic Heroes Pison Arrows- Up Escalator Science For A Better America- My Place in Space Activate Ohm Tile- Dixie Blood Mustache See You Next Year- Army of the Red Museum