Happy Swing CS (All Gone)


This is a reissue of The Cannanes' Happy Swing Cassette!

The Cannanes are an Australian noisy pop rockin' combo who began their life in the early '80s and continue to perform and record today. They have several releases on K, including two volumes on our International Pop Underground series, Vol. V, the No One EP [IPU005] and Vol. XXXVII, "Frightening Thing" [IPU037]. Happy Swing was a 1986 K cassette-only release which (like the No One EP) featured original Cannanes vocalist Annabel Bleach.

"Originally released by K in 1986 we are bringing this one back to life in its original format in 2013. Surely this was a very limited release and will be done in an edition of 200 this time around. We are proud to release this fine tape. To us it embodies everything that makes a great tape, great minimal song craft,and tons of amazing subtle idiosyncrasies that catch the ear in the right way. Happy Swing captures the sound of the time period and part of the world in a picture perfect manner." (All Gone)


  1. Sunday
  2. Skeleton Is Your Little Boy
  3. Do The Happy Swing
  4. It's Hardly Worth It
  5. Teardrops
  6. Gloom Turns To Boom