Margy Pepper

Golden Webs LP

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Golden Webs is the first LP from Olympia band Margy Pepper.  Major themes of magic, woods, water, and candy emerge from a dynamic and heavy three piece sound.  Golden Webs balances light and dark, chaos and harmony; bridging childhood and mystical anger. Lyrically illuminated from the surroundings of the Pacific Northwest, Margy Pepper finds inspiration in the mountains and trees, lakes and rain: "We are screaming, flying, laughing - we won't stop."

Track listing:

  1. Hi-Skool
  2. Fire/Lion
  3. Mutual Kool Aid
  4. Candy / Iceberg
  5. 666
  6. I'm Sound
  7. Deepest Bottom Of The Darkest Lake
  8. Little Witch
  9. G.O.

Hand screened covers with lyric insert.

Recorded in Olympia, Washington by Joey in March 2012.

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"Fierce and driving in sound, it’s an album that radiates confidence, tenderness, and poise. Powered by forceful sonic guitars and booming drums, each track twists and turns with crescendoing shifts never ending in the same place it began.

"Lyrically is where Golden Webs’ crux is found. With motifs of confrontations with water, ice, nature, light, and darkness the influence Olympia’s surroundings and the Puget Sound set the scene throughout. As in mid album burner, “666,”  “I miss my family but I’ve got the woods and the country… and the crows surround me, if I could speak to flying and screaming I’d ask them to in habit my body,” the balance of self and surroundings is all too important." - Patrick Sexton, Suave Citation