Giving & Receiving Zip Pak #2

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 Selections from the newest full-length LAKE album Giving & Receiving [KLP228]. Recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio, the album was created last spring and summer while the world was suffering from the Gulf oil spill. The music reflects this disaster without bumming us all out: it soars with beautiful melodies and gentle, yet deliberate instrumentation. The songs were written partially while staying in a cabin in northern Sweden, which band member Ashley says is the only place she's ever truly heard silence. Some of the resultant songs have the creaky barn wood/fresh air sound to prove it.

1. Roger Miller
2. Skeleton Costume

This edition of the K Singles Zip-Pak features Special Apps, recordings that do not appear on the Giving & Receiving phonograph record, available only here at the K Mail Order Dept.

3. Saint
4. River
5. Wedding Days

Live recordings derived from various shows around. "Saint" is from a 2007 show in Charlottesville, VA. At the Gravity Lounge; "River" is also from 2007, recorded at the Triple Door in Seattle, Wash. "Wedding Days" is from a 2006 event on the LAKE tour across the great expanse of North America.

The LAKE album Giving & Receiving [KLP228] became available April 12, 2011.