Giving & Receiving Zip Pak


 Selections from their album recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio, Giving & Receiving [KLP228]:

1. Mother Nature's Promise
2. Within/Without

These songs were recorded at the Dub Narcotic Studio with production assistance from Karl Blau and Calvin Johnson.

This edition of the Singles Zip-Pak features Special Apps, recordings that do not appear on the Giving & Receiving album:

3. Roger Miller
4. Pilgrim's Day
5. Don't Give Up

These songs were recorded during an epic performance October 11, 2009, at a show LAKE played at Northern in downtown Olympia with Karl Blau and Generifus. Members of LAKE played in both opening bands, and that's Karl Blau playing saxophone on "Don't Give Up".

The LAKE album Giving & Receiving [KLP228] became available April 12, 2011.