Karl Blau

For Tenniscoats Zip Pak

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Song-crafter, that is how Karl Blau is known around Fidalgo Island, Washington, where he resides. Really though he is a Sound-crafter. He makes new audio ripples using the tools of the song-crafting trade and forms exquisite, shimmering sounds that dazzle the imagination. Here are two selections from his 12” EP Max [KLP227]:

1. For Tenniscoats
2. Celebrated by Singing

This edition of the K Singles Zip-Pak featuresSpecial Apps, recordings that will not appear on the Max phonograph record, available only here at the K Mail Order Dept.

3. Dark Sedan Returns
4. Waiting for the Wind
5. Crucial Contact
6. We Leave Empty-Handed

These songs were recorded during a Karl Blauperformance at Northern in downtown Olympia Oct. 11, 2009. Karl is accompanied by members of LAKE, and Spencer Sult of Generifus.

The Karl Blau 12” EP Max [KLP227] became available May 10, 2011.