Hooded Hags

Exxon Baby 7"


Finally! The first release by Portland's own Hooded Hags! Herein lies 4 songs meant to replicate the sound of VCR head cleaner bottles smashing through Death's door. The title track just happens to be Karen Harrington's (gtr, vox) crudely slick self affirmation and is followed by the  instrumental track "Hide", which will be the soundtrack of your defamation.  Chris Sutton (vox, gtr; also of Dub Narcotic Sound System, C.O.C.O., Hornet Leg, Spider & the Webs) apparently put too much in his "Plastic Cup" because he's still passed out at the end of Side A. The flip side is "Graveyard", an ode to our favorite picnic spot featuring Nick Capello (drms) playing a kit made entirely of discarded skulls and rib cages.  Highly recommended to punks who suffer from frequent bouts of scabies or shingles. A++
Track listing:
  1. Exxon Baby
  2. Hide
  3. Plastic Cup
  4. Graveyard