Jeremy Jay

Dream Diary Zip Pak #2

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 On the new Jeremy Jay album Dream Diary [KLP212] the songs are so lithe and delightful; moving and terrifyingly beautiful. Pop music with its head in the clouds, but you can still hear it scream.
Here are two of it's most endearing selections:

1. Caught in a Whirl
2. The Days of Casting Clouds Away

This edition of theKSingles Zip-Pak features Special Apps, recordings that do not appear on the Dream Diary phonograph record, available only here at the K Mail Order Dept.

3. Shayla (Demo)
4. New Horizon

Here are two cover songs that may provide a clue as to where the dream pop stylings of Jeremy Jay draws it's inspiration: the demo version of "Shayla" (originally recorded by Blondie), which is given a more extensive treatment on the Dream Diary album, and a song by the Blackpool, England, combo Section 25.

The Jeremy Jay album Dream Diary became available April 12, 2011.