Dopestylevsky Zip Pak #2

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 Eprhyme (pronounced "e-prime") is a renaissance MC representing a profound resurgence of depth and dope within the all-too-often formulaic, uninspired and commercialized hip-hop art form.Dopestylevsky [KLP230], his second solo album, is more than a collection of songs – it is a complete sound and style statement. It combines Eprhyme's signature blend of universal poetics and personalized rap polemic with an upbeat (and epic) electronic orchestra crossed with numerous live musicians (as coordinated by producer Smoke of Oldominion). Here is a taste of the hip-hop:

1. Lose Your Cool

A fun throwback dance party track from the Smoke production complex (O.K., his garage) in Olympia, WA., featuring guest MC AKA...and there is a secret synchronized dance that goes along with it...feel free to make up your own!

This edition of the K Singles Zip-Pak features Special Apps, recordings that do not appear on the Dopestylevskyphonograph record, available only here at the K Mail Order Dept.

2. One Word Assassin
3. It's all God (Live)

"One Word Assassin" features D-Scribe and El Goonie of the Saints of Everyday Failures. Originally recorded in 2006 it still hits super hard and the rhymes from the Saints are sharp as ever. "It's all God (Live)" was recorded March 13, 2010 during a concert at Western Carolina University by Solotechne Studios . The studio version of "It's all God" was included on the debut Eprhyme album Waywordwonderwill. The Eprhyme album Dopestylevsky[KLP230] became available April 26, 2011.