Jeremy Jay

Covered In Ivy (KDR005)

Covered In Ivy
Situations Said

"Covered In Ivy" b/w "Situations Said" is a segment from two years that Jeremy Jay spent in the depths of creative gestation, solitude, and self-produced recording sessions. A-side"Covered In Ivy" was recorded live at the tail end of a European tour at Studio Vogue in Paris. Jay exists in fantastic adoration of his influences: the British goth-pop eccentricity of Tones on Tail, the introspective poeticism of His Name Is Alive's debut, Livonia. Feeling a pull towards the unknown, away from the comfort zone of his California upbringing, Jay left the U.S. for Europe four years ago.

"Romantic, I know," Jay says in "Covered In Ivy," about poets poring over written words late into the night. He is likely among them. When he says, "Settle down & hole up for the winter," there is no posturing--he means it. "Covered In Ivy" & "Situations Said" are both about isolation, often because of circumstances that are outside of your control. "Situations Said" drops the pulsing, post-punk rhythm section from "Covered In Ivy" and studies by lamplight. "Longing for quiet a place, away from the trains," it pleads, bringing to mind cold nights waiting for the metro, fists in the pockets of a peacoat.

"Covered In Ivy" b/w "Situations Said" is born of patience, and consequently sounds rich, exactly as intended. It uses melodrama to the same effect of 80's 4AD groups, with total awareness & embrace of a European definition of style, which will be carried over to Jay's upcoming full-length, Abandoned Apartments [KLP247], due out November 12th on K.

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