The Moore Brothers

California Sister LP + DOWNLOAD


When Greg and Thom Moore sing together, the harmonies can swing you aloft like the first flush of a crush or color the sunset of a relationship in raw hues. While the general feeling is a nostalgia for 70s am radio rock, the individual songs are dense and vivid lyrical explorations of kinship, courtship and memory.
Limited Edition Vinyl. Includes download card.
Track listing:
1. Second To
2. Heartattack
3. You Might Be My Baby
4. Vanishing Blues
5. She's So Far
6. Women and Men
7. Toy Guitar
8. The Round
9. Old Lady
10. Rock and Roll Again
11. Always Kiss Me Goodnight
12. Spidergirl
13. Fishes With Faces
14. Mistletoe
15. Medicine
16. Blues Take Me Back