Full Release


All Girl Summer Fun Band - Dear Mr. & Mrs. Troublemaker
Tender Trap - Oh, Katrina
Wolf Colonel - The Top Seven Singles Club
The Rondelles - Backstabber
The Crabs - Market Size
Dub Narcotic Sound System - Handclappin'
Gene Defcon - You & Me Forever
Jason Traeger - Good Thing
The Microphones - The Glow Pt. 2
The Halo Benders - Love Travels Faster
Mirah - Engine Heart
Dennis Driscoll - Sarah Jane pt. II
Beat Happening - Indian Summer
The Softies - Sleep Away Your Troubles
Built to Spill - Car
The Blow - Nothing
Jason Anderson - Jet Ski Accidents
When I was a teenager, I was so lucky to have two important people in my life to hear about new music from -- my best friend, Meggan Howell, made me the most amazing mixes (which many of the songs on this playlist came from!), and introduced me to K.  The other very important person in my life, Chris Adolf (whose band, Bad Weather California, took third place in the Dub Narcotic Studio Dub Narcodes contest!), introduced me to DIY house shows, and invited me to my first very first house show at his home, The Pop-Up House.  

The line-up that night happened to be Calvin Johnson, Get The Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano (The Blow!), and The Microphones.  EPIC!  Being from Grand Junction (which sits between Salt Lake and Denver), if it weren't for him, I can say without a doubt that I would never have gotten to see Jason Anderson/Wolf Colonel, Mirah, Dub Narcotic Sound System, Karl Blau, The Intima, Dave Longstreth, The Badger Kings (part of The Blow!), Laura Viers, and so many other amazing and inspiring musicians.  We are all so lucky to have people like Chris in our lives!

Between the two of them, I have the fondest memories associated with every song on this playlist, which were the first K songs that I ever heard.  I may be biased, but K is the best!  What were the first songs that you heard?