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Mirah - Cold Cold Water $0.69
Gigi - Hundredth Time $0.69
Julie Doiron - Nice To Come Home $0.69
Little Wings - What Wonder $0.69
Desolation Wilderness - No Tomorrow $0.69
Karl Blau - That's How I Got To Memphis $0.69
Adrian Orange - Interdependence Dance $0.69
Jeremy Jay - Airwalker $0.69
Joey Casio - The Frame $0.69
The Maxines - Hang Around $0.69
 [Mail Order Maven Joel has asked members of the K staff to create Staff Playlists for the K Mail Order Dept. General Manager Mariella Luz was the first staff person to submit a list, comprised of songs from volumes in the International Pop Underground series released since she started working here. Below is Mariella's description of her K Staff Playlist, available here as individual digital downloadables or as a full album download.]
The idea of making a playlist is a little weird to me. Why would anyone care what songs I like?  You probably don’t, but Joel REALLY wants to know.  And because he is the one of the best co-workers you could ever ask for, I have made a list of 10 songs for you guys to check out.  It is hard to make a playlist!  I chose songs from 7″s that have come out since I started working here.  Seems kinda random, but you gotta start somewhere!  We stopped putting out 7″s for awhile – we’ve put out less than 40 in the last 11 years (by comparison we put out a little over 100 albums in that same amount of time).  ANYWAY.   You should listen to them.  Or at least tell Joel you did.