"Cosmic Soup" by Liam Hindahl

Full Release


Ruby Fray - And the Moon
The Curious Mystery - Night Ride Reeling
Nucular Aminals - Ammut Eats
Chain & the Gang - Certain Kinds of Trash
Angelo Spencer - Gallop
Jeremy Jay - Out On The Highway
Landing - Gravitational 1
[[VVRSSNN]]] - Doubledragon- Versiondloversion
Tender Forever - Where Are We From
The Blow - Pile of Gold

Liam says: "I like soup. Music is kind of like soup sometimes; a combination of many flavors that groove and glide into one ultra-super-creamy-mega mouth(or ear)ful of zing. A zinger that takes you deep into the recesses of the cosmos, revealing secrets and hidden goodies. This playlist is a Cosmic Soup of sorts, vibrating into that ultimate tasty goodness we can all share through the universal language of sounds. There's the sound of Ruby Fray with her subtle, soft, and haunting magic; Angelo Spencer with his foreign rhythms; and of course Landing with some experiential ambiance. Sip it, slop it, drink it, chew it, digest it."