Songs for Cassavetes

Soundtrack CD

Sold Out

South Bend, Indiana 1993: A group of friends come together for a rock show to say good-bye to their friend and musican, Brian Muller. Chisel takes the stage last. For their final song they unleash a cover of Brian's song "Spectacles." What follows is the kind of moment one never forgets. You know, the kind that ends up defining a part of your life and that you end up always trying to recapture. For the next ten minutes, you're someplace else. It's pretty close to bliss and you know everyone else in the room feels the same thing. In that moment, the idea for this film was born. Soundtrack includes artists such as: Dub Narcotic Sound System, Calvin Johnson, The Make-Up, Further, Sleater-Kinney, Henry's Dress, Unwound, The PeeChees and more...