Curious Mystery

Be Still (KDR003)

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 A gust of warm wind kicks up dust in the valley. Shadows stretch
across the scarred hill face and like a group of marauding tune-smiths
appearing out of thin air, The Curious Mystery blow in with a
message for the slumbering city below: they've traveled the hills and
scraped off the land, and have seen that the big change is on the

A last round with a new gang, leaders Shana Cleveland and Nico
“Gonzo” Gonzalez have found cohorts in the voices and collaborative
spirits of band mates Johnny Goss and Marian Li Pino. Together
they've crafted instruments of their own to navigate fresh routes
between folk and psych-fuzz on “Be Still” (KDR003), their follow up to
2011's We Creeling (KLP225). Recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio with
Calvin Johnson, that enigmatic man with a swoop of blond hair and
very specific love of rock'n'roll, the three songs on “Be Still” listen like
an expedition into the uncharted depths of psychedelic folk rock.

Captured with the ghostly echoes of time gone by, The Curious
Mystery travel from the valley to the wintery beach in the title track “Be
Still,” employing woodsy guitar strums and campfire hand-claps into a
sweet dancing melody. The following track “Cock of the Rock,” draws
on Appalachian guitar rhythms and back-porch harmonies, a
psychedelic hoe-down that drifts off into a cosmic reverie. And The
Curious Mystery finally hit that seven-year sweet spot with their final
song “Teem Creeps.”  Channeling the languid heat of a smoky
summer night, "Creeps" is a rousing tale of sitars and reverb, with
Shana Cleveland's bewitching voice keeping time against the

 But that wind is still blowing, and The Curious Mystery have their
boots strapped on and their thumbs out, ready to hack their way onto
the next path. They're parting ways for now, but who knows to what
new landscapes that wind will take them, and what will follow?