Jeremy Jay

Abandoned Apartments (KLP247)

Full Release

LP $16.00
CD $11.00


Sentimental Expressway
Covered In Ivy
Graveyard Shift
The View From The Train Window
Red Primary Afternoon
Far & Near
When I Met You
Abandoned Apartments
You Said It Was Forever
I Was Waiting

Abandoned Apartments feels lived in, familiar, but filled with creaking shadows that go deep into the unknown. A product of several years spent in self-inflicted isolation and at various self-produced recording sessions, it is studied and wiser, culling its synthesizer tones from late-80s goth-pop and touching on something darker than anything else Jeremy Jay has ever created.

Jay's characters are full of longing, romance, and regrets, living their lives in bustling late night metro stations. They are vivid and moving. Abandoned Apartments is melodramatic in its emotions, exacting in its details; Jay has taken his time making exactly what he intended, and it buzzes iridescently, full of electricity, somewhere in the darkened distance.

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