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a witness protection program for poets pursuing the criminal conviction of corporate culture,

a rehab center for rappers who just won't quit ,

a drunk tank for djs hooked on dis tracks,

a boarding house for b-boys and b-girls bored with business as usual,

a musical monastery for failed saints...

The brainchild of brooklyn-based (by way of Olympia) Emcee and creative director Eprhyme and Northwest beatsmith extraordinaire Smoke M2D6 of Oldominion,THEE XNTRX is a genre-bending production team that seeks to foster boundary-crossing collaborations between often isolated groups of underground artists from across the style map.

Inspired by the D.I.Y. ethics and aesthetics that have emerged from the cultural cauldron of the Northwest, THEE XNTRX wanted to pay homage to one of the last bastions of real independent music — Olympia's very own indy icon — K. In partnership with Label owner Calvin Johnson, Eprhyme and Smoke set out to create a vision of a viable future for underground hip hop in the Northwest by digging deeply into the region's past musical movements and moments. The fruits of this labor of love appear artfully arranged in a boom-bap bouquet of bangers and mash-ups for self-proclaimed players and just-can't-help-it haters alike.

"All Your Friend's Friends" is a Northwest Hip Hop Compilation album constructed almost entirely off of samples from the K catalog. It is the first installment in a forthcoming series of strangely familiar sounds you've never smelled before. It features over 30 of the regions' most unique rhymers including members of NW megacrews Oldominion and the Sandpeople.

Check out the assembled cast of characters and their rap sheets below:

Ephryme- Executive Producer and Creative Director of Thee Xntrx. Eprhyme has been active in the West Coast underground for over a decade. As a founding member of anomalous rap crew the Saints of Everyday Failures, Eprhyme helped ignite the Olympia Hip Hop scene that is still going strong today. Additionally, Eprhyme's sophomore solo album, /Dopestylevsky,/ was the first Hip Hop album released by K in over a decade.

Smoke- Northwest beatsmith extraordinaire and Emcee, Smoke is one-half of THEE XNTRX creative production team. He is also a founding member of OLDOMINION. As a sought after Hip Hop producer, audio engineer and recording artist, Smoke wears many hats — well. Since the late 90's Smoke has contributed his signature style of epic and evocative beats, poly-rhythmic rhymes and technical audio wizardry to over 100 commercial releases, including production for legendary artists such as Talib Kweli, Gregory Isaacs, Messy Marv and Devin tha Dude to name a few. Smoke's beats appear regularly on MTV and were featured on "Loose Change: The 911 Conspiracy", the most watched internet video of all time. Smoke's music production and audio engineering have earned him wide acclaim and a host of awards including 2005 Red Bull 'Big Tune' Champion Beat Battle in Seattle, and 2010 South Sound Producer of the Year.

Onry Ozzborn- Founding member of NW supercrew OLDOMINION. One-half of both Grayskul and Dark Time Sunshine.

Zikki Carr- Super Fresh up and coming Emcee living in Olympia, Wa.

Candidt- Member of OLDOMINION. One-third of TH3RDZ. Candidt’s delivery and lyrical style—a combination of intricate cadences and inventive word-play—is both unique and potent. Candidt calls his modus operandi “Bangalang”—a neologism masquerading as onomatopoeia. Or, put another way: a fresh, funky style straight from the soul.

The Chicharones- The Chicharones have toured the world, solo and with live bands, and perfected their sound, with over a decade spent in airplanes and in crowded tour vans, fighting to make something of themselves for the people they left behind. From Sleep’s magic tricks and quick change routines, to Martinez’s beer balancing and hi-kicking Elvis dance moves, The Chicharones have become legends for their unique sound and one-of-a-kind live show. Spin called The Chicharones “The Best Bar Band in America”.

XPERIENCE- Veteran Olympia MC. Member of OLDOMINION. One-third of TH3RDZ. One-half of Step Cousins with Macklemore.

Heddie Leone- Raised by the nocturnal creatures of the Pacific Northwest Jessie Hill does not smoke cigarettes. Since 1995 she's been crafting dance music for sad people from the comfort of her bedroom. She also enjoys cooking, wildlife and exploring our nation's capitol buildings.


Ang P- Bold and inventive Emcee originally from NJ, now hailing from Olympia, Wa. Founding member of the Real Life Click.

MG! The Visionary- MG! the Visionary is an artist-turned-producer and back again several times, hailing from the mighty Northwest. Cutting his teeth as an emcee - following what many consider to be the "Wonder Years" of Hip Hop - the Visionary's live show captivates audiences both young and old with boundless energy reaching across all genres, racial confines, and social lines.

AKA- AKA (Mark Bowen) Is a veteran Northwest hip hop artist who has lived in Olympia 30 of his 33 years. Despite being one of the nicest and most loving human beings you could ever cross paths with, AKA is a renowned and dangerous battle rapper. He is also a Master Craftsman and expert songwriter who stretches Hip Hop to the absolute limits of its emotional spectrum. AKA is one of the few people on the planet who can write a rap song that will literally make you cry.

IAME- Dripping with a grimy, intellectual Northwest sound, Oldominion/Sandpeople/Clockwerk cohort IAME has received local notoriety with his first two LPs, /Noise Complaints/ and /I Am My Enemy/. The albums showcase IAME’s thoughtfulness and are soaked in clever folksy samples and delicate beats. Whether battle-rapping or performing his fleshed-out material, the Portland lyricist is well aware of the weight of words—constructing dirty knockout punch lines and in the same breath acknowledging his own human weaknesses.

Nicatine- Nick Leonard, founder of Free Whiskey, has been an active member in the NW hip-hop scene for over a decade promoting events, playing shows, writing music, writing about music and much more. Nick's Hip-Hop handyman work ethic crossed with his dirtbag persona have drawn comparisons to a Tim The Tool Man Taylor / Al Bundy hybrid.

JFK- Member of Oldominion. One-half of Grayskul. One-third of TH3RDZ.

Bishop- Member of OLDOMINION.

Gold- Goldini Bagwell is an international man of mystery, but he might share some of his secrets if you are polite enough to put his Angels Bathwater™ on your tab.  Member of Sandpeople.

Nyqwil- Member of Oldominion.

Barfly- Barfly is a traditional layman who hides somewhere in the Western states. At least that's what he wants you to think. Member of Oldominion.

Afrok- Afrok is an artist and emcee from Olympia Washington who delivers powerful rhymes from the heart whether rocking a stage or in the studio. Afrok is known for his energetic stage presence with a live band, harkening back to the roots of the culture while simultaneously embracing futuristic vibes.

Puget- 29 year old Olympia based artist "Puget" has been actively making a presence in the northwest for over a decade. With three solo albums under his belt, numerous features and a fourth project in the works, the saga continues...

Silent Lambs Project- Silent Lambs Project consists of Seattle rappers Silas Blak and Jace Ecaj. The Silent Lambs Project was part of the first wave of K hip hop releases back in the late 90's. Their dark and abstract sound helped define what would come to be known as a unique Northwest underground style and sound. Since then, they have gone on to form well-known Seattle rap group the Black Stax with vocalist Felicia Loud.

Miz- Miz is a real rapper's rapper with a distinguished style and classic cadence. Originally from NJ, Miz now calls Olympia, Wa his home. Miz is a founding member of the Real Life Click.

Saints of Everyday Failures- The Saints of Everyday Failures are a mysterious and elusive band of holy thieves, rogue academics, socialist entrepreneurs, star gazing sufi wanderers, cantankerous kabbalists, and poets sworn to silence.

Jesus Chris- Jesus Chris Willis is  a Bellingham, Wa hip hop mainstay. He's the kind of emcee with a preternatural ability to express precisely what's on his mind in rhyme form far better than regular conversation. Employing whimsical abstractions and subtle but clever and quirky wordplay, Jesus Chris weaves his life's tales with an effortless drawl over dusty, dirty samples and grimy drum breaks.

Hash Adams- Hash Adams aka The Hashtronaut, from Bellingham, WA has had his hands in the production, engineering or rapping in over 30 projects since 2008. Working with artists like Tame One (of the Artifacts), Sleep (of Oldominion), and IG88, a wide display of styles have been displayed over many different experimental soundscapes.

Swamptiger- MC Swamptiger is an Olympia Emcee and analogue loop pedal artist who creates music using all live instrument samples. Accompanied by his music partner "Casual Friday", they are known for their distinct sound and profound lyricism.

Heretic- Heretic wears many hats in the Northwest music scene. On top of being an Emcee, promoter, and filmographer, he is also the president of Olympia’s “For MCs By MCs Battle Rap League”. Born and raised in Olympia, WA, his roots in the Northwest music scene started in the indie-rock circuit so being a part of the K-Records “All Your Friend’s Friends” project was particularly exciting for him.

Shellz Sck- A southern Emcee now making his home in Olympia, Wa.

Luvva J- Luvva J is an award-winning, Billboard Charting DJ/Producer/MC/Writer/
Broadcaster and native of The Bay Area and Pacoima, California - who was raised in Tacoma and Olympia, WA. Luvva J is a proud member of The Temple of Hip-Hop, The Union of Hip-Hop and The Universal Zulu Nation, representing to the best of his ability the original principles of Hip-Hop - Peace, Love, Unity, Having Fun and Knowledge.  He is a professor of Humanities, Communication, Philosophy and Hip-Hopology.

Simple- Emcee and Producer. Member of Sandpeople. Founding partner of NYC clothing line Control Sector.