Halo Benders, The

The Halo Benders was a band formed in 1994 as a side project by Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening and Doug Martsch of Built to Spill. They released their first album, called God Don't Make No Junk [KLP029], in 1994. They followed up in 1996 with Don't Tell Me Now [KLP046] and in 1998 with The Rebels Not In [KLP081].

All three of the band's albums were released on K.

Following a hiatus through the early 2000s, the Halo Benders reformed in March 2007 for a pair of shows at the Visual Arts Collective in Boise, ID. The band featured Doug Martsch, Ralf Youtz, Calvin Johnson, Bret Netson, and Stephen Gere. Recently in November 2010, a reformed version with both Doug and Calvin appeared for a benefit for Friends of Mia at the Capital Theatre in Olympia,WA.

K Releases: