Selector Dub Narcotic

All For The Sake Of Rhymin’ (IPU144)

7" $7.00

Fuck art, let's dance. This Selector Dub Narcotic 7" 45rpm phonograph record is a co-release with the Vancouver, B.C. label Kingfisher Bluez, part of their monthly singles series. The A side, "All for the Sake of Rhymin'", was produced by Smoke M2D6, a 7" mix of the song included on the This Party Is just Getting Started [KLP199] album. The B side "Good and Crazy" was produced by Shawn (Parke) Nervous, the quintessential non-LP B side of your dreams, melodica in overdrive!

This is the International Pop Underground Vol. CXLIV

Track listing:

A Side: All For The Sake Of Rhymin’
B Side: Good And Crazy

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