Western Hymn

Out of the Way (IPU133)

7 inch $4.00
Born in a cold, dark basement in 2009, Western Hymn is the uncouth union of two Olympia thoroughbreds: The Old Haunts and Bangs. A classic three-piece jammer, shaking spooky ris and thundering rhythms, Western Hymn digs on Northwest punk staples -- reverb, rain, motorcycles and minivans. Craig Extine works the Hagstrom-hybrid, Sarah Utter switches her ris to bass, and Kris Cunningham brings the beat as only a 'seasoned professional' can. Western Hymn strikes up from underground with vocals that beg and snarl, backed by a thundering guitar propulsion and call and response swagger.

This is Vol. CXXXIII in our International Pop Underground series of 7" 45 rpm phonograph records.

Side A: 
1. "Out of the Way"
2. "Underground"

Side B: 
3. "Take This Weight"
4. "Life is Strange"

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