Chain and The Gang

(I've Got) Privilege (IPU130)

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(Ive Got) Privilege
Detroit Music


Have you heard? Grandma's doing the bird to the latest rock-breaking teen sensation, the wig-flipping Chain & the Gang. "(I've Got) Privilege" is the latest volume in our International Pop Underground series of 7" 45 rpm records, following their debut album Down With Liberty... Up With Chains! [KLP203]. Young and old alike love the beat, the cranked riffs, just the overall vibe! You may, too, as soon as this package slides under your door. Ian Svenonius and chums have really come up with a winner of a dance task master, a real double-A side plate. Chain (o.k., Ian) croons on the first side; espousing the joys of being part of the privileged class. Then he gets real confused about the relationship between cars and music (isn't it obvious?) on "Detroit Music ." "(I've Got) Privilege" was recorded by Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studio here in Olympia, Wash. Breaking all the chains, in the best possible way.

Side A - "Privilege"
Side B - "Detroit"

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