Jeremy Jay

Breaking The Ice [IPU126]

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7" $4.00
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Breaking The Ice $0.69
Winter Wonder $0.69
Words of Love $0.69
“Breaking the Ice” is another candid single from Jeremy Jay. This single, another volume in our International Pop Underground series of 7” 45 rpm records, appeared on Slow Dance [KLP197] in the springtime of 2009. With shiny synths, noble guitars, and a strong will – it is another chance at romance.
The single also includes an alternate version of “Winter Wonder” with icy and unsettled synthesizers, and a sincere and effective cover of the innocent 50s song “Words of Love” by Buddy Holly.
Slow Dance uses crisp garage-rock and frigid post-punk as a backdrop for [a] romanticized pop fantasy … It’s the most weirdly mesmerizing in a series of promising singles, EPs and full-length releases [by Jeremy Jay].” - Pitchfork
Jeremy Jay has become one of the most oddly compelling pop songwriters of recent memory.” -XLR8R