Girl Trouble

Old Time Religion (IPU006)

Full Release


Girl Trouble are a long-running Northwest institutions that are easy to take for granted -- not just because they've been around (seemingly) forever, but because they've stuck to their musical guns through thick and thin...and grunge and electronica and every other musical style to hit the scene since. Formed in Tacoma in 1983 -- although they didn't actually play their first gig until 1984 -- they're still growing strong in the 2010s and feature the same inimitable personnel: 6'5" Kurt P. Kendall ("the tall one") on vocals and saxophone, Bon Von Wheelie ("the grouchy one") on drums, shades-sporting Kahuna ("the volatile one") on guitar, and Dale Phillips ("the other one") on bass. The latter three were all born in T-Town, whereas K.P.'s family moved there from Spokane when he was three. Fiercely independent -- they've never recorded for a major label -- Girl Trouble, spearheaded by Von Wheelie (born Henderson), are also behind the fanzine/label Wig Out, which was initially intended to promote the band and its activities, but broadened its scope over the years. "Tarantula" is on their second K single, Vol. VI in our International Pop Underground series of 7" 45 rpm releases.

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