No One (IPU005)

No One
The Cannanes are from Newtown, Australia. They started playing together around the same time as Beat Happening, with some similar concepts like primitive-landscape folk-pop and cassette-only releases. The Cannanes exploded on the non-pop scene spreading a fresh Newtown Sound that would confuse the rock'n'roll world for decades to come. David Nichols, original Cannanes drummer, was the editor of Distant Violins fanzine, which Calvin Johnson read about in Op magazine. The two began corresponding, trading cassettes and fanzines. The Cannanes first K release was "Life" on the Let's Kiss (1985) compilation cassette, followed by their Happy Swing cassette and "We Have Got to Get Together" on the Let's Sea cassette compilation. all of this material dates form the Annabel Era, marked by original vocalist Annabel Bleach, who was with the band for less than three years. The ultimate statement of the Annabel Era is the No One EP, the fifth volume in our International Pop Underground series of 7" 45 rpm phonograph records. In the spirit of the times, all three songs were recorded on a cassette player in the middle of the room. Noisy pop rockin', to the extreme.

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