Joey Casio

Share The Cup (DBN115)

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 Joey Casio is a one-man dance party. For years he has brandished unkempt house parties with a tense, spiky post-punk certainty, imprints of running shoes that danced on sludgy shag carpet. On "Share the Cup," Casio creates more space for dub influences. His voice is terse; there is an overtaking electronic burble that drops away for arpeggio twitters. "Share the cup/Spare the sword." It's a hopeful punk-dub mix. The b-side, provided by Selector Dub Narcotic features even more space via echoplex, tape delay, and a buoyant melodica. If dance music is about revolution, this release – as part of the Dub Narcotic Disco Plate series – ditches divisiveness. Sit at the table.