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While touring across the country Fred Thomas and Ryan Howard (under the guise of their nom de plume City Center) made a stand at Olympia's Dub Narcotic Studio hefting up this track of Michiganesque gouge and groove forming a solid-action Dub Narcotic Disco Plate [DBN117]. Flip the record and Selector Dub Narcotic makes a mess of it, Version style.

1. Zen Kids
2. Zen Kids Version

This edition of theSingles Zip-Pak features Special Apps not available on the "Zen Kids" 7" 45 rpm record:

3. Kid's Day
4. Pinball Summer

Recorded back in Ypsilanti, Mi. at the homemade C.C. HQ just after (or just before) the tour, these songs dovetail well, sonically speaking, with "Zen Kids" and it's counter-Version.

5. Zen Landscape

The Dub Nar Studio Cam captured this a capella version of "Zen Kids" in the backyard while the tape machine was cooling from a vigorous afternoon of City Center soundcraft.

The phonograph record of "Zen Kids" / "Zen Kids Version" [DBN117] became available Nov. 9.

Originally transmitted on August 5th, 2010.