Western Hymn

Western Hymn LP


Western Hymn Western Hymn debut full-length LP.
Self-released limited edition of 330. Covers are letter-pressed by hand, front and back. Each record is numbered.

Side A:
1. Living Things
2. Been Cheated
3. Far Away
4. The Life For Me
5. Common Folk
6. Estranged

Side B:
1. Leave It Alone
2. Hot and Cold
3. Fall Right
4. Come Unchained
5. Pagan Cross

Band members:
Craig Extine - guitar and vocals
Sarah Utter - bass guitar and vocals
Kris Cunningham - drums and percussion

Western Hymn formed in a chilly Olympia basement during March of 2009;  Craig Extine (Old Haunts) and Sarah Utter (Bangs) joined forces with drummer extraordinaire Kris Cunningham (Couch of Eureka) and began a regular rotation on the Seattle-Olympia-Portland house party circuit. Drawing on inspiration from classic NW punk trios Dead Moon and the Wipers, Western Hymn keeps it simple with garage-inspired riffs and driving rhythms. Inspired by rain, motorcycles, and minivans, WH self-released their debut LP (a limited run of 330) in December with laborious hand-letterpressed covers courtesy of Sarah U. and Olympia's printmaking hive, Community Print.

Western Hymn are featured on Vol. CXXXIII in our International Pop Underground series of 7" 45 rpm phonograph records, the Out of the Way [IPU133] EP.

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