Emily Beanblossom

Where Monsters Dwell Zip Pak


 The multi-talented dynamo Emily Beanblossom has trashed this town sideways with her wicked smile and screaking outcry. She made an appearance on the Where Monsters Dwell radio program (hosted by our own Selector Dub Narcotic) performing one of her own compositions, “Tax Evasion”, accompanying herself on a polyphonic synthesizer with Selector Dub Narocitc on melodica. This week The K Singles Zip-Pak features “Tax Evasion” from said session, and an excerpt from Emily’s original demonstration version of the song. Emily appeared on an earlier transmission of The K Singles Zip-Pak with her band Christmas, previewing their Dub Narcotic Disco Plate “Namiot” [DBN118]. Included here is a photograph of Emily Beanblossommasterminding a recording session at Dub Narcotic Studio earlier this week.

Where Monsters Dwell is comprised of live sessions by several Olympia, Washington based K artists performing live to ½ track tape at the Dub Narcotic Studio. It aired in London, England on Domino Radio, a mysterious broadcast experiment by Domino Records who collaborated with their international roster of artists + friends and neighbours from the worldwide independent music community (Alas, the week-long broadcast license has expired, but you can access the individual programs at this ARCHIVE SITE).

1. Tax Evasion (Where Monsters Dwell Session)
2. Tax Evasion (Demo Excerpt)
This edition of the K Singles Zip-Pak featuresSpecial Apps, recordings that did not appear on the Domino Radio Where Monsters Dwell program, available only here at the K Mail Order Dept.

3. The Moon Rhythm Mastah

Another Emily Beanblossom creation, she programmed it, sang it, played a mysterious cross between a dulcimer and autoharp from India on it. Here latest combo, whose moniker is in constant flux, may be playing a live version of this song in your town soon!