The Believer

The 2012 Music Issue - Vol. 10, No. 6 - July/August


The July/August issue of THE BELIEVER magazine includes the tape Love Songs for Lamps, a cassette compilation of cassette-only releases curated by Calvin Johnson, included free with each issue (download code also included).  The artists included are:
 Hysterics, the Memories, Shana Cleveland & the SandcastlesSoviet, Tomorrow's Tulips, Laura Leif and Amber Phelps, Skrill Meadow, Mom, KMVP, White Rainbow, The Great White Jenkins, Broken Water, Briana Marela, ShivasRuby FrayBaby Island, Erin Earthling, Old Night, Margy Pepper, Happy Noose, Lovers without Borders, Mansion Music, Sewn Leather, Priests.

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