Repeat LP + DOWNLOAD (End Of Time)


Repeat is the debut LP from Seattle’s mighty Wimps, "slathered in bright, bubbly punk hooks." 24 straight minutes of asocial singalong anthems featuring former members of Butts, the Intelligence, and Meth Teeth.

"The world they present in their lyrics is dismal. People are boring. Work sucks. The only break from this banal place is sleeping. Their song 'Hello Frustration' name-checks anxiety, neurosis, nerves, and depression. The title track's message is simple-- you eat, you sleep, and then you repeat. In the track 'Grump': 'It's all downhill from here.' The Seattle punk trio use their platform to illustrate the more banal facets of everyday life, and in straightforward terms, they point out what's terrible about each societal norm. Their solutions are simple, if impractical: 'Quit Your Job' and 'Nap'. (Pitchfork)

 Recorded by Aaron Schroeder with Matt Nyce at BLDGS and mastered by Chris Hanzek. LP purchases include a download code.

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